Trends moving to virtual office in the future

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Back to the land fever in 2007-2008 in HCMC. HCM and Hanoi, when the price of land is high and of course the hiring of office at that time is a headache for many young businesses when the cost of space occupies a few dozen percent of the total investment capital of enterprise.

This has caused many businesses to think when opening a business office. For businesses that have been doing business for several years before, it is worth considering moving house, moving office to move to another premises. But things have changed as the emergence of virtual office leasing and the hiring of all employees comes into play, and from there the tendency to move to virtual office in the future grows. With the advantage of not having to invest in premises, office workers, equipment, decoration, etc ... but still deal as a normal company.

Insider story

The director of a small website design company in Saigon said his company only needed a small office to sit or design. But right from the start, he and the shareholders are quite a headache on the cost of space. He had to spend nearly three million to rent space monthly and tens of millions of office decoration decoration. But only seven months, the landlord demanded to cancel the contract. He had to move his office and suffered a great deal of investment in the office. Fortunately, he searched the virtual office for rent online and decided to book a place here.

Similarly, a director of a wood trading company based in Binh Duong is hiring a virtual office to do a good job. While in the past his company had to spend nearly $ 3,000 a month to rent an office on Ton Duc Thang Street in District 1, not to mention hundreds of millions of dollars invested in equipment. But the transaction at the office is very little. After the meeting and decided to find a way to minimize the undue cost of renting space, the company's management has switched to a virtual office and only costs about 10% of the costs they leased. old room.


Multifaceted benefits

Virtual office rental services let businesses rent their office addresses including addresses, signage, etc ... at the offices of rental companies that are full of The amenities needed for an office such as a luxurious meeting room, telephone, fax, reception and business address in the city center. Businesses who rent virtual offices can work anywhere without having to go to the company because they have employees who are responsible for making phone calls and then transferring information to the business. And of course, employees are paid by the virtual office service provider. Particularly for meetings and conferences, businesses can rent fully use the services, meeting rooms..

According to many experts, this virtual office model is suitable for foreign enterprises seeking to learn about the Vietnamese market. In addition, it is well suited to project workgroups, independent individuals and especially young entrepreneurs who do not want to spend time and money on such things as notarization, premises, procurement and installation of equipment, security.

Difficult tax administration

In addition to the economic benefits to business owners, it is a matter for the state tax authority to do more research. According to the current business law, the business address when registering business is quite general. The fact that an address can be leased to many different companies is not specified. However, having an office for many rental companies will cause a lot of difficulties for management such as tax declaration, tax inspection or fraudulent business case. So there are many issues to discuss.

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