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Virtual office business is a new service, quite developed. With just one office, businesses can lease multiple partners to operate at the same time.

In a time of economic crisis, when office space becomes a burden of business, the virtual office starts to attract customers. Two years ago, Ho Chi Minh City had only about 2-3 virtual offices, but now there are dozens of offices of this kind. Including many popular businesses such as Regus, G-Office, PSO, Fimexco, Office Spot ...

Business Idea of ​​the crisis

Han Huu Hai, Business Director of Vietnam Technology Consulting Company, owner of VNTC virtual office system, said that about two years ago, his company encountered many difficulties in finding the premises. Due to the fact that it is mainly a technology service, his company does not need to use large area but still has to pay $ 2,000-3,000 per month. Seeing the expense, the company decided to deploy the virtual office system.

According to Hai, just about 200 m2 area and equipped with good technology that his company can fully use and lease to partners. Currently VNTC has more than 40 tenants. With the well-developed client base, the company intends to develop a second office with a larger area. According to Hai, his clients only cost about 7-8 million dong per month for renting office space at VNTC.

According to Huynh Quang Viet, Director of Incomnet (G-Office), the company has been running virtual office business for nearly four years. The first two years of operation, the company has only 160 customers. But since the economic crisis, the number of visitors has increased sharply

A company is using a shared virtual office for meetings at Incomnet. (Photo provided by Incomnet)

Incomnet started out in the business of selling Internet calling cards. As the Internet phone service card expires, the company switches to virtual office business. Currently, the total area of ​​G-Office is about 1,000 m2 but there are 700 companies that rent virtual office here. Mr. Viet affirmed the potential of virtual office is very large.2 but up to 700 companies rent virtual office here. Mr. Viet affirmed the potential of virtual office is very large.

According to the general survey, the virtual office rent is $ 60-179 per month.

Guest are afraid

Although virtual office started to develop, but according to enterprises, the service still entangled in procedures. According to Han Huu Hai: "We know there is a business in Singapore only 15 m2 but more than 1,000 customers rent virtual office here, the procedure is very simple. Vietnam still lacks specific legal documents, so business virtual office business is still looking with suspicious eyes. Currently, the implementation of registration for companies is still difficult sometimes. "

CònAccording to Huynh Quang Viet, in general, there are still few enterprises know about virtual office services. Many businesses still think "virtual" in many different sense, even the criteria for cheating so they are afraid.

CácEnterprises that use virtual office services say that virtual office is a cost-effective and cost-effective solution, especially for small and medium enterprises. According to Truong Thi Thu Huynh, Director of Creative Company - a company is using G-Office service, G-Office not only help businesses get locations but also help new businesses build the receiving system. Branding. This is not every small business can reach.

ChịMs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao (Nam Thinh Company) said that before her company rented premises based in District 1 for nearly $ 2,000 per month. When the landlord asked for the price increase, the company's board of directors moved to the virtual office. The company has a new headquarters without any investment costs, the rent is only about 12-13 million per month.

What is a virtual office?

The virtual office is also known as "office for rent 0 m2" with services provided include: Business address of a business with a specific address, phone number, fax number, website, e-mail, meeting rooms, projectors, receptionists, company signage, tax accountant, etc. In the world, this service has been around for a long time.

When you own a virtual office, the tenant can work anywhere without going to the company. Employees of the rental unit have the responsibility to telephone, then transfer information to the company rent.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Hanh, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department:

Observed to evaluate the common office

Companies located in such general offices usually provide consultancy and services. This form of office is beneficial to businesses is to reduce costs, there is full service auxiliary. However, there are concerns that when using the office has nice address, businesses hire impressed with customers while the real nature of the business is not known.

In the past time, businesses with general office still filed tax returns. However, the content of tax returns are true, accurate, but not different. The tax office, for example, District Tax Office District 1 has had some inspections of the common office but has not detected any wrong. This can be seen as an "observation period" for later reassessment of the common office.




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